A mind speaks w…

A mind speaks with what words could not express…

If I opened my mind to a simple stranger, they would find things for I have not yet fully achieved the art of a blank mind…

*Love, so much love flowing from my heart to someone else’s.

*A faint low plucking of a classical guitar… Am, G, C…

*The dark, dark sky and the stars illuminating it so harmoniously.

*Swimming in gold dust.

*Worries, so many worries as us humans cannot help.

* A gentle breeze to take those worries away.

* Jumping on fluffy clouds and jumping off like nothing.

*Then landing in the ocean and having a conversation with fish.

* Appreciating how great I feel at this very moment, and hoping there are many, many more to come.

So person reading this, love today. 🙂

early morning mind bursts. 


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