The Heart Tuner.

Hello world, people, imaginary friends out there.

I am not unique…I know the rest of the universe has problems, and how ever much mine cause me sorrow– hold on, let’s see I found this tuner on the floor, give me a second.



So anyways, I’m gonna use this tuner for my heart.
It’s very, very out of tune out of a couple of things…

For example:

°Playing music with closed eyes
°Forming constellations
°Playing my bass and keyboard. (AT THE SAME TIME?!) (But there can only be one?!) (What am I even saying??)
°Making music
°Occasional drinking for a laugh
°Writing letters
°Dancing in public
°Hiding my face in books, as opposed to y’know, under my covers.
°Hide and seek!
°Writing stories
°Making comics
°Tapping my feet to the music in my head

Da da da da dum la laaaaaa!

Um yeah. Not sure what that was about.

This is clearly more than a couple, nor the entire list, but I’m getting there….slowly.


Stay silly, my friends.

Later :]


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