A Title.


“Nobody knows me at all” I sigh to myself one early morning. Am I alone? Does everyone else think they all have unique infrastructures that is the human mind that their closest don’t know about?


I am slowly getting out of a rocky ship at the moment, every time that I set foot out of that ship I fall into the ocean. My hands, fearfully grasping the side of the ship, so that I don’t drown. This goes on and on until I get exhausted, and say “Well, what’s the point of holding on?”




I start to let the water fill my eyes, my nostrils, and then my lungs. All the few good memories fill my head quickly, like the water that is rapidly filling my body.


I am in my bedroom. There are stars in my ceiling, dangling, like there was someone who was just here and left suddenly. My bed is there, it’s empty, till I occupy it. I lay there fighting with cynicism, recalling sorrow, and wondering what’s left of my imagination.


My hands are where gravity isn’t, moving frantically, am I even breathing?


A blanket is over my face, I am sobbing now.  There is a storm outside the window.


Blue, blue green, teal, aquamarine blur.


I dare to crack my blinds open, sudden sunshine.


Heartbeat. Heartbeat. Heartbea. Heartbe. Heartb. Heart. Hear. He. H—————————–

I am gonna grab the smallest, happiest thing and run.


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