Skittle Dinosaurs and Bicycle Cracks.



I’ll keep this short, or else I am going to forget what I was blabbing about…

I used to be able to see beauty in the world, including its under/overtones and hues. I felt understanding and relevance and all kinds of yummy things.  But lately, these couple of months I think the 10 year old in me is emerging. 

I say this realizing I have always had a high/odd humor threshold, now it’s just gone over the cliff a bit (ok, that sounds stupid).  It’s like the other day I was biking to work, admiring how blue the sky seemed during this high heat in Northern California. It’s been awhile since I have appreciated nature so wholeheartedly, it was a very pleasant moment. Then this guy in a bike (I just almost typed bikini) zooms past me, and his crack visible from a mile. 

Usually butt-cracks hanging off so unattractively make me cringe. In this instance, I burst out laughing like a maniac (so glad he was wearing earphones). And today I started drawing on my fingers again and pretended they were real people, much to the creeped-out-ness of my coworkers.

(actually this last thing happens more often than not)

Anyways I just hope I’m not doing some whole mental Benjamin Button aging thing. 

I guess I shall have more fun with this…


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