Mundane-ness Galore.

Got this topic off a prompt, and being completely strained of creativity I–blahblahblahblahblah.

Topic: “Five Things You See Around You Right Now”

(and it being 3:30 am in bed, I can’t say much)


1. My cellphone.

The only time I know where my phone is in all certainty is at night (seriously? alarm clocks?! what is that popoola about?).

Other than that, I act like a crazy person hearing random noises from nowhere.

I don’t even know how I have come to this third sentence really (about a cellphone?!),  but my little Blackberry has been a true pal, even in the times that I have had it I have dropped it a zillion times, broken parts off of it, and called it “stupid f*cking phone” countless times, it still does things.

I mean, if I stare at it long enough I mean.


2. Hair Tie.

This only gets more interesting.

Uhm, what can I say? It holds up my long hair, but most importantly I can use it for a slingshot.

Slingshots…seen any of those lately by the way?


5. Hacky-sack.

A thing my hands throw as if they had a mind of their own. Also, almost NO ONE listens when you say “Hey, heads-up!”


4. A pillow.

It’ll probably end up on the floor in the morning.

5. Keys.

Oh there they are!

The end. 


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