Good Ol’ Chap.


May the comedy and daily/weekly blogging gods forgive me, for I have sinned. 


What’s the story here, you ask? 

There was one somewhere along the line, I swear. Then it took off, like kids who are offered Hot Tamales. 

I had been keeping it in my safe, it’s invisible, but it’s there. 

Me: “Hey story, what do you want to do today?”

Story: “…” (audible page flip)

Me: “Ah, the silent treatment, that’s some good fun–right old chap?”

Story: “Are you flipping kidding me?!” ,”Let me out now!!!”

Me: “Oh chap, you are so silly. Want some Sour Patch Kids? I think I’m full”

Story: “–stop calling me chap!!!”


And it somehow left. Now my story is out there somewhere, waiting to be found. So I guess I have to start a new one now. 

I might just have to leave ol’ Chap behind, but first, a candy refill. Stupid Chap did end up taking them.




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