Spring Spins Me Round, Round.


The look of my schedule-board for the week. It's quite overbearing.

Spring Break: Me running around in circles until I hit my head on something.

What I really want to do:  Go to the park, break out my notebook and start cranking out ideas for this blog.

What I will probably do: Wake up late–everyday.

Here are other things that I will probably do:

*Stare at my dirty pile of laundry until I do it.

*Stare at my clean pile of laundry until I fold it.

*Smell my clean laundry pile until someone pulls me off it.

*Stare at my ceiling and wonder why it looks like cottage cheese.

*Not study at all.

*Clean a lot.

*Eat a lot of sour candy.

*Roll on my stomach.

*Hang upside down.

*Stare at my hands.

* Be typical.

* Accidentally spill coffee on myself.

Oh boy.

Oh joy.

I’ve never tried bok choy.


11 thoughts on “Spring Spins Me Round, Round.

  1. If we could only be as productive as we’d planned. 🙂

    The whiteboard is classic. If this blog takes off in a serious way, you could sell that on ebay for a small fortune.

    Good luck!

    • Haha, if I do, what kind of overbearing and colorful monster would I have to lead me?!? I would be forever doomed to my (gasp) phone planner!

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    • Oh, then my whiteboard would get along with your to-do list fine. They shall have tea together and rule the world with their mockery mockingness. 🙂

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