Laughter Grenade.

Tee-hee *muffling* HA *snicker* BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sound familiar? No?

Oh, just me then.


So this one thing I realized that happens to me a whole lot: I want to burst out laughing in the least designated places. For example: in class, or in public.

And as much as I have stressed in this blog to be spontaneous and random, I don’t always follow my own advice.

Sometimes, it’s not always fun to be the loon of the bunch.


Though some of you guys who read this and know me in real life will admit to me appearing otherwise, which is the case. 

I already am half the time anyways, like this one time (ok, several times) when I walked around in circles to pass the time, and I didn’t realize it till some guy asked me if I was alright. You know you’re not normal when you aren’t walking a straight line like the cool kids. All I thought was that I was pacing straight up and down, the way normal people do.

Anyways, back to the laughter thing.

Just let it out in small increments, because you don’t want it to bottle up and explode like it did with me today, in the library. 


Just what was so funny you ask?

I don’t even know anymore.

Just disregard what I said, laugh it all out…let the laughter bombs begin! 😀

Happy laughing everyone! 


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