I Spaced-Out, and Not Nearly Enough.



Hi folks! 

Welcome to my dream…I should also ask, whaaaaa–?

Anyways, now that you are here, let’s party! Here’s some confetti for you:


Ahh, pretty. 

Anyways glad you liked the steak you just had while you didn’t even realize it, that good huh? And don’t  forget the vegan too, waiter! 



How are you underwater you say? 

I don’t know, let’s ask that flying V guitar over there…

here come sounds of Sufjan Stevens in the background.  🙂

Just behind you folks are the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis for you latin speakers (even here I fail at being funny).

And those over there are Awesome Nimbo clouds, not for thinking, but for bouncing.


Except for that green thing. Is that a jalapeno? 

Now we’ll take a left turn here where we see the piano-playing chimps… 


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