Introductions (otherwise known as post #65).

Sometimes, In a world, Faraway, In a land, There was a time.

How was that for an intro?

Sometimes introductions (as in myself physically doing it) can vary in delivery, depending on mood or health even.

Sick Rocket: “Bleeerch-Hi-my-name-is–hrrrnnngghhh” (My “hrrngh” ending up all over your face).

And eventually in the sequence of it all, I drop dead.  Not cool.

On better days, I introduce myself quite better, I promise.

Normal Rocket: “Hihow’sitgoing?Weirdsmellinherehuh?”


I suck at intro’s.

One thing’s for sure, I am not an introvert, I am classified (pshh I sound like I am a sort of endangered species) as both.

Or what is that word people say?


What does that even mean, *sigh* paradoxes.

And here I go with the paradoxes already, bfsdfhsjkdhfsdjkfhkdsj <—Head hitting keyboard, not frustration.

Ok, I’ll stop there, cause there is nothing more confusing than a paradox, or myself, for that matter.

SO GUYS! Meaning you. 

How do you do the intro? Yeah, it’s not a sort of new dance, but most importantly, a ritual.

Eh screw it, just spill already!!


3 thoughts on “Introductions (otherwise known as post #65).

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