Things I Couldn’t Say At The Moment.

Your facebook photo scares me, to be honest.

Please stop talking to me.

This tasted amazingly disgusting, please don’t serve me some more.

Stop staring at me.

You have something in your uh-face.

You’re not fat, but that shirt looks terrible on you.

Please change the station/channel.

Your breath stinks, let’s go buy you mints.

Stop staring at me.

I am only agreeing because I stopped caring five minutes ago.

Eeeew, neck hair.

You have a booger.

At this point I am only nodding because it’s too late in the conversation to say I didn’t catch 50 percent of what you said.

I enjoyed it.

You are so freaking amazing, let’s make rainbow burritos and hunt for gummy bears together!

(Actually I think I might have said that, nevermind).

So, how about you guys? 

Coming soon: Sh*t Bananas Say!


6 thoughts on “Things I Couldn’t Say At The Moment.

  1. You pretty much just summed up my work day. Except for rainbow burritos and gummy bear hunting. I usually save that for Sunday’s.

    • Why is a good excuse always hard to find at that exact moment and so easy everywhere else? I come up with the lamest ones: “Oh look at the time! I need to go and buy batteries, bye”!

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