A Good Time Bomb.

T I  M E.

Not the magazine, not a clock, not physically.

Time is life moving forward and not backwards, because life does what Robert Frost said: “…it goes on”.

And I have taken the first step and started moving towards doing just that, and progressively I feel that I am a ticking time bomb.

In a good way.

I feel that things will slowly start to shift and that I will quit being who I never was: a black hole.

I will soon quit thinking, and continue living. Which I am, literally.


It kinda feels like when you shake a can of soda, and you know it’s only a matter of time till it explodes.


Anyways…it’s now time for:


So yeah, I know I will end up wallowing in my negativity every so often. But whatever, I don’t care for that at the moment.

I wonder when the time bomb explodes will confetti come out….or guts? Please let it be confetti.



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