Random Phone Pics (Part 1)

So, everyone has those weird and obscure phone pictures (minus all those other ones). You know the ones of your coffee, your face, and other …stuff (let’s not go there shall we)?

Well, I decided to go ahead and share some of mine! YAYYYYY.
Yeah, I know it’s pretty exciting to see what kinds of pictures other people have on their phones, not that there isn’t already Facebook/Google+/Tumblr (which incidentally is my go to place to post such nonsense of which will be presented to you today) for that.
WARNING: All is irrelevant, and all is stuff you’ve already seen before in real life, except for a few exceptions. You should just exit and leave now. Why would you want to see a bunch of random pictures anyways?
Especially posted by me.
What are you still doing here?
Fiiiiiiine. Stay. I warned you.
‘Kay, i’ll shut up now.

I think my level of lameness is explained here. I mean for serious yo.

I don't even remember writing this in my notebook. Some kind of worm conspiracy? I THINK YES.

Yeah, yeah. I'm that type (of person who lies at a weird angle to take pictures of some dried out, crappy grass).

At school. Such disrespect to Naked Juice! Oh yeah, and to the environment.

Don't ask.

Sometimes I make up little phrases and write them in notecards. 'Cause I'm cool like that. NOTECARDS ARE THE BEST! NOTECARDS I LOVE YOUUU. *Cough* Ahem -er uhh I mean...they're neat.

BY THE WAY…worms are the best.

^ This message brought to you by wewormshavebrainswe’renotnoodlesandweplantotakeovertheworldsoonkthnxbai! Committee.


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