Sacred Paper Planes And A Swing

Swinging away in the park, aah bliss.

Today I needed to clear my head, and what I usually do is to go to the park.

Swinging away I let the blood rush and momentum be a sort of escape for me…and my melancholy escaped for a minute.

I was reminded of a poem I wrote some time ago:

Sacred Paper Planes

As I dwindle everywhere,

Invisible arms choke me.

I feel pain, but yet do not perish,

As if I need no water to drown.

My mind is chaotic,

But it refuses to give up on peace.

So grab five words against me,

And I will twist them to my will.

Oh where has the sacred gone?

Was it ever here?

I have tried to slay my soul

And it is of no use.

It is true that my heart

Resonates heat and light.

But my body is an ice-chamber,

Slowly decaying.

And as the windmill spins east,

The mother and the son walk the streets,

There goes my yellow plane now,

And I let my paper go.

What kinds of things do you do to release and refresh?


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