Some Goggles and Me Somewhere out there.

If I wasn’t here I could be:

Eating waffles or crepes or bacon.


Like something out of Epic Meal Time.

Flying a kite with a rainbow burrito on it.

Planning a trip to Coachella to see the bands in the smallest font type.

Ok I lied, I couldn't resist.

Buying a high E string for my guitar.

Smelling clean laundry.

Staring at free-range chickens.

Slipping on banana peels and smashing mailboxes–maybe not, they lack mailboxes in this neighborhood.

Not eating Cup-O-Noodles.

Laughing at mammals…’cause why would you laugh at reptiles and insects?!??

Starting a band,  I would call them…uhhhhhhhh. Know what, I will name it: The Kiwi + the kind of shirt you are wearing+ the letter “s”.  Bada Bing Bada Boom.

Sitting by a bonfire.

Not freaking out about my recording class.

Jumping on a trampoline wearing colorful striped socks.

Buying some goggles…for my non-existing airplane, though they may come in useful if I joined a sports team of some sort, and I shall be called “Goggles”.



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