10 Reasons To Do Your Little Dance.


Personally, I have no idea how my little dance looks like, but it’s lame I can assure you.  But it is in fact my little dance, and I love the moments when I get to do it. Here are a few of the many reasons you should do your little “score!” dance.

1. Knowing you actually have milk in your fridge AFTER you pour the cereal into your bowl.

2. Doing something that you used to do as a kid and still pulling it off (i.e. cartwheels, skateboarding, catching food in your mouth).

3. Guessing the correct answer on Jeopardy!

4. Discovering a new band/artist and finding out you can’t find a single song you don’t love.

5. Missing stepping on that doodoo on the sidewalk, after that sigh of relief when congratulating yourself on your swiftness.


7. Winning a staring contest.

8.  Painting your fingernails on your right hand (left hand for the lefties, actually I don’t get how that goes) without messing up (Guys, trust me, it’s a feat…at least for me pssshhh)!

9. Coming across a really neat looking rock.

10. Finally clicking “Publish” on your post. You bloggers out there know you do 🙂

Can anyone think of one for #6?


17 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Do Your Little Dance.

    • Green lights! I go absolutely nuts for those and feel set for the whole day, probably a bit superstitious of me: “I hit all green lights, I am invincible!” 🙂

  1. I like Angelina’s idea for #6.
    My idea… setting a new record for quickest time to get to school AND getting to school on time! (at 8a.m.)
    #3 always makes me excited 🙂

    • Mhmmm, good one right there. And if somehow you are eating that with peanut butter alone, discovering you have something to wash that down with…’cause if you don’t then you end up doing the whole dog thing. Not so cool.

  2. Doing something that you used to do as a kid and still pulling it off …..yep, that is one reason to dance and celebrate. It’s amazing what our bodies can sustain as kids….not so much as we get older…bones get brittle, joints more stiff…..but as they say, “as long as we have the fighting spirit, we can do anything.” Fun and insightful!

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