Adult? Nope.

Here are some of the top reasons why I can’t possibly be an adult yet:

1. I still have issues with my shoelaces.

2. The whiteboard that I should be using for planning is pretty much a doodle board.

3. I jump on a mattress when the opportunity is presented.

4. I carry a tennis ball with me almost everywhere just to throw around and kill boredom.

5. I have yet to learn the art of not smacking my face into everything.

6. I lack the knowledge of several common spices (Salt, Pepper, Pap-what?!).

7.  I stare at my laundry and hope that it can magically wash and fold itself.

8. I could poke ladybugs and roly polies, but freak out when they turn over and I could see their undersides. *shudder*

9. I think lampshades make neat headgear, while being completely sober.

10. I  sometimes combine candy with other food just to see how it would taste like (and it usually sucks, unlike vanilla ice-cream and fries).


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