Dust Particles + Un abîme éternel de la béatitude

Well, as the world knows it, 2011 ends tonight (Well, 12 am PST for me anyways). Not in the “aliens are taking over the world fffuuudge/ugh 2012 Mayan calendar says so OMGOMG…somuchcrap” sense. Well–you know in what sense.


I am not in the habit of keeping up with resolutions, or making them for that matter…so no New Year’s resolutions for me. I guess I will just do stuff next year and see what happens, and pick myself off the dust roads, or drag myself out of them, somehow.And if dust particles gather on my jacket, should I just wallow or should I shake them off and dance like the glitter it could be?

This year I was able to create a fantasy term that stuck like glue in my head of a place everybody wants: Un abîme éternel de la béatitude, which in French means “An eternal abyss of bliss”. Of course, as far as imaginary things go, it’s not reality yet. It probably will never be in my lifetime.If I can’t be resolute, then I hope that I can swim in the bits of bliss that I do experience. Not wallow or wade or wander, but besides wondering…immerse myself completely in them, breathe them in.

As those moments are like oxygen to me, with these moments I create a sense of living and in the moments of the non-functional insanity-like state that I fall through many times. So I can just hit the replay button in my head and in effect create an apparent eternal abyss of bliss.

Cheers and Happy New Year’s everyone! xx



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