The Moon?! What Was That?

I must’ve had too many gummy sour worms or something…what???*

So one day I woke up in a box like this:

And then I ended up in the moon.

I approached a lemonade stand, and a velociraptor handed me a glass of the finest lemonade I was ever about to taste.

I looked at Earth, oh so small and so busy.

It doesn’t need me, the Rocket that has now established herself in the moon.

Hi friends! They can’t hear me.


I guess I shall remain here and dance, oh look…a disco ball…nope it’s a sock!

What else did you expect? You love this sock…right?

Please do.


*I was somehow weirdly inspired to write this post after listening to Kasabian’s “Velociraptor!”, and no, the post won’t make any more sense after listening to the song–thumbs up if you do!



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