Some Cool Vids.

Yesterday I suffered a pretty bad case of lypophrenia, which just means I experienced a vague feeling of sadness with no apparent cause (yeah they have a word for it, I know!). These video clips on the web basically always cheer me up, I thought I’d share, hopefully they can cause a smile (or laughter) in you too.  🙂

Here they are in random order:

CL!CK: A LEGO Short Film

One word: LEGO! One sentence: This video just brings out the whimsical in me…and I want those rocket boots!

Bodhisattva in Metro

You will laugh, I promise. I don’t even remember how I came across this video, and that’s the internet for you folks. Anyways I love the concept of this video, and the simple delight that is infectious laughter. I suggest we all try this in our lifetime, do it tomorrow!

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra- Short People (Randy Newman Cover)

I can’t describe the feeling I get when I listen to these folks other than I can almost feel my heart smile every time I listen to the WIUO play. I chose “Short People” because I love the original, but the main reason is: look at that crowd go–I want to be in that concert!

Pomplamoose- September (Earth Wind and Fire Cover)

What would this list be without Pomplamoose? Another cover, yes, I also love with Earth Wind and Fire’s original song, it’s a classic! I love the delivery of this cover and the production of the video, they have the talent and it’s a delight to watch every time. Go Granny Go!


12 thoughts on “Some Cool Vids.

  1. Lego rocket boots!

    Pomplamoose have done a credible cover of Earth, Wind and Fire. I loved the granny giving it some on the video. Nothing wrong with her hips!

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