Inhibition and the Colorful Socks.

Splash a color here and there…jump in a bucket of watercolors! Eat bacon (tofu for you vegetarians and vegans) and fly a flag with a donut and a bird on it !

What I am talking about is the returning to raw elements…I mean to the state we really are when no one is around.  The state when you are alone, uninhibited, and in your most childish state.

When was the last time you or I did that? I try to have those moments as much as I can, but unfortunately my cynicism and melancholic side is able to rush in as well, and recently more often than ever.

We all have those days right?

Once we bring those silly inhibitions out in the open for the world to see is when I believe we free ourselves, and feel like we could do anything.

So go on! Jump on that bed for crying out loud! Wear those unmatching striped socks with shorts, Jump into open water, Sing along and aloud, Kiss whom you long to, Audition for that play, Speak gibberish….I know I probably am.


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