A Minute in my Mind.

  • Why did I ever thought that turquoise dress was ever a good idea?
  • What will I do tommorow?
  • Why won’t anyone answer the deal with the Hot Dog to Hot Dog bun ratio?
  • Now that I think about it, Turquoise is a pretty color.
  • Mmmm, butter braids.
  • Why don’t I enjoy Pepsi as much as Coke anymore?
  • Great. My leg fell asleep once again…
  • I need to fold that laundry.
  • I wonder what would happen if sound was visible.
  • How would that look like?
  • What were ohms again?
  • I guess The Strokes were going for an electro feel with their new “Angles” album…
  • Cheesecake
  • Anyone who reads this is gonna think I’m schizo.
  • I need to get better at jazz piano.
  • The laundry…oops.
  • I need to go and jump on a trampoline one of these days.
  • Right after I have a water-balloon fight in the spring.
  • Hi.

4 thoughts on “A Minute in my Mind.

  1. lovely piece. I’ve imagined jotting down everything that my hands touch in a day – from awakening and pushing the duvet back, to dog leads, a favourite ball, sunscreen….sunnies, where did I leave them?Neck of my old border collie, tummy of his younger canine sidekick, glass of the door, pick up sticks, shells, the favourite ball…the ocean, sea grass….

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