Hyperventilation in the Recording Studio.


Long time no rant? Have I ever on this blog? No?! well here’s a first.

Behold the SSL AWS 948 model (insert Handel’s Messiah here).

I have to be able to use this piece of machinery, well most of it anyways.

And I just might be overreacting like everyone else is saying, but, I honestly believe I will not be able to pass my final this semester in my second level class due to hyperventilation. Oh yeah, if you guys are wondering, I study Audio Engineering (and a couple of other random-er stuff), and my final comes pretty soon. That’s what this mini panic attack is about.  As far as basics are concerned, I think i’m good, just peachy. It’s just that I freak out about the little things, like that one day I stepped in mud four times in a day (which happens all the time, but that’s beside the point).

This board is awesome by the way, it’s just so full of faders, knobs and flashing lights, and it can get a bit overwhelming. My favorite part of the board is that there’s this button that brings all of the faders (those silver-looking things) up, but sadly not one that brings them all down, well sad if you’re a lazy person.

Anyways…I forgot what I was talking about.

I hope I survive the madness–my madness (hahahahahaha).


2 thoughts on “Hyperventilation in the Recording Studio.

    • Thanks, they are really quite rewarding, but come with their share of hard work.
      That’s great to hear that you play piano, it’s very awesome. Glad to hear we have something in common. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!

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