The adventures of weirdo.

There are many times in a day that I question my sanity.

For example, I catch myself daydreaming and spacing out about doing oddities in the most mundane of situations.

I wish to dance in the sidewalk,

Sing in the library,

Walk the opposite way in an escalator,

Roll around in the grass…

Then it gets weirder, or more–yeah, I guess weirder covers it. Things like:

Jumping out of an open window,

Screaming when it’s quiet,

Carrying a flag with donut on it to confuse people,

Walking around town wearing a box on my head,

Dancing on bus benches.

Yeah, I think i’ll stop there to save myself from uh–embarrassment I guess you would call it (not that it will stop me from writing about stuff like this anyways).

I am weird, but hey, I am alive, I gotta be something.



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