Parachutes in the making.

What happens to a melancholic heart when it gets happy?

Sound redundant? It is.

They get happy, but do they stay happy? (No, not really).

Why do hearts weep, but enjoy life all the same?

We all just live.

Over and over again.

We look at blades of grass, and wonder of how stillness works.


I tripped over a rock the other day,

I felt stupid.

Then I started laughing at that thought…

(So much that I got a couple of looks).

I didn’t mind.


All we are really doing in life is falling from the sky.

And as we fall,

We construct our parachutes.

Some of us aren’t finished with ours yet.

Some of us are worrying about the details.

Some of us are being careless.

Some of us haven’t even started.

Some of us are done.


Let us hope that we are satisfied and finished with our parachutes,

So that it’s all smooth sailing, once we hit the earth.


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