Eh, things happen, like thinking and such.

Sitting in the dark has many advantages, for example providing one less distraction for thinking. Most people, however, do not sit in the dark. People normally would not find a slot in their original routine for it, because it is considered creepy. On the other hand, it is considered normal to sleep in the dark; therefore, sitting (or laying) in the dark happens in one form or another. I have always marveled at the people that I know that slept earlier and/or faster than I can. I can’t really do either of them unless I am really, really tired or sick.

The point of all of this nonsense? Oh yeah, I forgot I had to make one.

My mind feels like a machine at night sometimes, and in the day it is less proactive. Nighttime, or just as I am about to go to sleep, is when my mind seems to never stop thinking. There are certain times that it is able to fizz down and I am able to relax for a bit, but those are very rare occasions. I wish there was a way to harness all that energy and make something out of it.

Something like a sun, a blimp, a light, or anything else…something concrete that I can understand and wonder at myself.

Then in the end, I could be a feather, or a breeze in the air for that matter.

Maybe in that way I would let go and just be.


4 thoughts on “Eh, things happen, like thinking and such.

  1. I like darkness in the manner you describe it. I would suppose it shuts off our sight sense when we calm ourselves and realize there’s no reason to use our eyes in the dark. It’s pointless.
    I am new to WordPress. And I really like the poetic vibe you give off even though your nonchalant diction portrays an oh, by the way, point.

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