How To Get Over A Heartbreak?

Ok, I tricked you all. Sorry, there is no magic formula to get over a break up (I can almost hear the skeptics saying “See?! See?! I told you this was spam; can we go to McDonald’s now?”). But alas, there are things that you can do to get your head distracted. Some of these you are probably already doing right now.

These are distractions for the conscious mind, fair warning: there is nothing I can suggest for the subconscious; you are on your own there dude.  I mean, unless you want to come and go and get more burgers with me.

Burgers? Wha-?

Anyways, here is the LIST LIST LIST!

  • Go to your nearest library and Google rainbow burritos, and make sure you ask someone for help.
  • Scratch that hard to reach spot on your back already. There are methods people!
  • Have a staring contest with your dog, trust me, I’ve done it, it’s weird but cool.
  • Make up your own gibberish word and implement it in your daily sentences randomly. (ex: “Yeah, I’ve seen that movie and I pishikooky have seen it all, freaking Michael Douglas was awesome and next time I will personally pishikooky be there to rub it in your pishikooky face!”)
  • Go dancing, period.
  • Listen to an uplifting song, uhhh…yeah. I am currently listening to New Soul by Yael Naïm.
  • Jump on a trampoline! Yeah boy!
  • Drink a smoothie; don’t like ‘em? Eat a granola bar.
  • But seriously, why don’t you like ‘em?!
  • Are you a musician? Really? Cool. Play them strings/keys/toms/kazoo!
  • Cleanse yourself from all memories pertaining to said ex-mate.
  • YouTube, yo. Find your favorite comedian and LYFAO.
  • Cry your eyeballs out, and lay there for a minute, think: this is only today. Tomorrow will suck, but I will kick its ass.
  • Go on a ride downtown, with the stereo blaring, and the windows low, sing at the top of your lungs.
  • Drink hot chocolate, always boosts happiness by five percent!
  • Hugs anyone?
  • Rant to anyone willing to listen, good luck!
  • Clean, anything, seriously. If you’re going for it now dude, I applaud you. You are now my hero.
  • Run, jog, run AND jog. One of my favorites.
  • Ooooh, gummy worms!
  • Do your homework, now. GOOO!
  • Recycle?
  • Call up all your uh, friends.
  • Chicken!

Chicken? Wha-?!

Later dudes!



6 thoughts on “How To Get Over A Heartbreak?

  1. There’s really no recipe for a speedy recovery from a heartbreak. When I’m stressed out, I clean my room, That’s why, it’s squeeky clean. Ir’s effective and productive too.

    Cheers from California.

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