What Boredom Can Do To Me

Depending on the situation, my attention span can grow short. This means that I get bored pretty easily. There are things that I tend to do once I am bored, that I find weird about myself. It also makes me question my sanity, although I feel I am a weird person anyway.

Drum rollΒ please: another list!

Weird things I do when I am bored (in no particular order):

  • Use my pencils as drumsticks
  • Sing
  • Lip-sync
  • Draw jellyfish
  • Get hyper
  • Talk nonsense
  • Spin around in my chair
  • Hang upside down
  • Run
  • Play different genres of music on instruments within 1 minute
  • Attempt to write/compose a song and give up in 1 minute
  • Not do what I am supposed to do (procrastinate)
  • Talk to strangers at the bus stop (It gets awkward)
  • Read comics from The Oatmeal or any other funny comics in general
  • Daydream in front of people
  • Attempt to whistle (not anywhere near Andrew Bird’s awesome whistling)
  • Study people (try to read them, see what the are thinking)
  • Watch stupid videos on YouTube
  • Draw more jellyfish and clouds on my whiteboard
  • Question my major (music)
  • Get into really deep philosophical thinking
  • Meditate
  • Listen to my iPod for endless hours
  • Eat, a lot
  • Think about food
  • Stare at my fish
  • Read
  • Stare at the sky, then accidentally glace at the sun while doing so.
  • Speak in an accent for a whole day
  • Cook
  • Dance (badly)
  • Fall asleep
  • Stare at the clock (at school)
  • Doodle, like the picture of the stick dude at the top
  • Tap my foot (and attempt to make a beat out of it)
  • Laugh
  • Evaluate my life and laugh again

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