Life, in Slow Motion. Life, in Angles.

Lately with posts like The Dream, Tomorrow…, and today’s post, I have been focusing on the freer aspects of my mind.


Rain, grass, air, earth, lung movements, clouds, heat, water. These are all common things that we associate with our daily living, and at the same time, are vital to our survival.  The rain water and clouds making part of the water cycle, the grass and earth make the land, air contains oxygen that with our lung movements we inhale and exhale, and the heat that naturally comes from fire and the sun.

Yes, these elements around us, within our lives.

And yet, only in our dreams and times as big as a storm or as small as allergy season, do we really pay attention to nature or the little things in general not relating to nature.  I have come to realize that we should be living life in slow motion every once in awhile.  We should have a special effects slo-mo knob in our minds that we’re able to use.  Today it was raining over here, and out of my initial randomness I decided to try to listen to every rain drop that fell, every pitter-pat. Then, as the rain fell harder, I found it even more impossible to do so. Even so, trying to do that, helped me get in touch with my senses, more than I had in some time.

I went to the little park that I always go, and it wasn’t very noisy that day, due to the fact that there were no children in sight (It’s summer, I know!), anyways, I decided to pretend I was an HD camera, and lie down on such an angle that I got such a dimensional angle from the grass. A whole other world underneath the grass was awaiting, that day the grass felt cool to the touch (not wet, like the usual, yeah!) it felt like a custom Tempur Pedic bed to me.  I almost fell asleep on that grass. Clearly, inspecting the ground this way, looked very weird and unladylike, but hey, it was pretty awesome to a weirdo like me.

Dust: it is something that most people dislike, and usually want to get rid of with Swiffers. At the right angle, and at the right time of day, dust is beautiful to me. Bored (most things happen to me when in that condition), I was sitting in the backseat of a car as I waited for whoever to come back. Around the time of the day the sun was setting, the light hit and that dust in the air became individual particles dancing in the air. The particles were vast in color and looked like glitter and lights, all sound faded away as I just sat still and enjoyed the quiet and subtle moment. Then, real-time caught up to me as I heard a door slam shut, it turned off slo-mo mode and made me aware of the cars, beeps, chatter, noise, intersections, and well– fast. 


Sometimes, looking at life in slow motion (without the use of any type of drugs obviously) can help make my life more interesting while giving me a more detailed perspective of life than before. Sure, I have a life that needs my attention even more than the  subtleties of the rain, grass and sky. I can, however, not make it a separate aspect of my being, I could make it a part of who I am. Appreciating these things that often go overlooked will help me look at all the other little things  in my life that if  looked at from the right angle and time can be truly wonderful.


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