My Goal For a Morning Ritual

Every morning, whenever I wake up, it feels like the same thing over and over again. I drag myself out of bed, brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, eat breakfast (when I’m not rushing), catch the public bus, and go to class. You know, the usual morning rituals that most people follow.

I never realized the difference the mornings can make on your entire day. I mean, I knew about getting enough sleep, eating breakfast, and preparing the night before. Who actually does these things? Alright, most people do.  This statement rings true for me, mostly. I am in constant rush in the mornings, and lately for everything. Yeah, I procrastinate A LOT.

One day, since that was the only day I was able to keep it up, I did something different.  I made a list the night before, while I was sitting on my bed, this list described how I would like my morning rituals to be. I kept it up for  a couple of days, and my whole day changed by fifty percent. It looked and felt like I could make it go anywhere even more than before. As opposed to me just hoping I would make it awake and formidable for the rest of the day. For the most part honestly and obviously, I was going to have to wake up an hour or two early while going to sleep earlier.  That is way easier said than done for someone who NEVER wakes up on time.

Another list *squeal*…

Fantasy Morning Ritual

  • Wake up (duh)
  • Stretch (saw this on the Dr. Oz show)
  • Sit still for a second
  • Think of  how positive your day has a potential of being
  • Say it, loudly if you can.
  • Go to the restroom and do the usual
  • Get dressed/makeup etc.
  • BREAKFAST (nothing to upset my stomach)
  • Oh yeah, do this while listening to you’re favorite tunes.  ( Film Scores in the morning for me)
  • Use any left over time to meditate or do anything that gives you an aura of peace (piano for me)
  • Go about your day

Badda-Bing, Badda-Boom.



2 thoughts on “My Goal For a Morning Ritual

  1. Hi! saw your post in 20 something bloggers and decided to drop by. I think we basically have the same morning ritual. I tried waking up a little bit earlier than usual but still the same events except that I not as late as usual to work. I would love to exercise in the morning, get my heart pumping. hahaha. make another list of your new morning ritual please if there’s been any changes. 🙂

    • Thanks fellow 20sb blogger!

      I will keep you posted, I really hope I can follow this list in particular, I am definitely NOT a morning person, but would love to be (fingers crossed).
      I greatly appreciate you stopping by! 😀

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