Where’d it go?

I feel kind of terrible, because I have not posted anything worth reading in awhile. It is not a disappointment to anyone but me, as I have no followers (which make it easier to keep it up). I did however, start this blog for my own personal reasons. That counts for something right?

Lately I have not had any inspiration for writing any posts. I tried going to my favorite quiet spot in my neighborhood park. Although this is a very quiet residential neighborhood, it was recently reported that someone was stabbed to death playing basketball there. This happened in the daylight! I have a whole other view of that park, not that it is necessarily unsafe (though now everyone is obviously more cautious),  life still happens within that park. It’ s still intact, but the same aura of warmth is kind of gone. There is potential of it to return, but it is gone for now. Before this whole murder debacle had occurred, I was in that park, making a list. The list contained all the things that inspire me to live, therefore inspire me to write, and to discover and unwrap my mind.  Did I ever mention my love of lists?

My List of Inspiration

  • breeze
  • sky
  • trees
  • green endless grass
  • the cool (temperature wise)
  • kites
  • solitude
  • ocean waves
  • music
  • the open
  • a touch of warmth
  • Rogue Wave
  • complete stillness
  • initial and complete awareness of one’s body
  • complete blending in of one’s being

There is way more than can be added to the lists, including different music bands/artists. This is just what I came up that day, where my inspiration awaited, unfortunately, I had my head up in the clouds as my list illustrates.



5 thoughts on “Where’d it go?

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