Alone people are misunderstood.

I wonder how many people see someone, who is sitting all alone, and think: “He/She must be lonely”.

Being honest, that isn’t always the case with me. In fact, most of the time this isn’t the case for me at all.

I am not usually the quietest person around, or the loudest, for that matter. Being a musician has taught me that I’m able to be both an introvert and an extrovert. I come from a pretty big and family oriented environment, and like to be surrounded by them including friends and peers, but like to be alone when I can.

Yeah, typical environment for me: green, open, uninhibited grass and blue sky. It is a very enlightening process for me, allowing me to think of melting away into thin air. It also allows me to be more observant of the people around me, I feel so camouflaged in the most peculiar way.

I’m pretty sure everyone likes to be left alone every now and then, and for a lot of people it is just to “Get away from it all”. For some reason, I have a twisted look on this; I feel I am not getting away from anything. Instead, I feel as if I am going towards something: an aspect of myself that I would like to emulate whenever possible, clarity and positivity.

I don’t meditate, not formally anyhow. There are many things people may do this: running, playing instruments, writing, and so on. Not everyone does this whole ‘alone’ thing as obviously as others or myself.

So being alone can be nice, especially in the nicest of days.


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