The Power Of Music and the Kooky Things It Does to Me.



Used with permission from Microsoft

Used with permission from Microsoft


Music is an open gate in which the soul can escape and a mind be refreshed…

Why is it that music is so important in our lives? What are the things that draw us to it so often in a day? Why do we turn to it in a time of need? Why does it evoke memories, or make people (especially me) happy?

I have always been amazed at why music is a phenomenon, (aren’t you sometimes?), people have long been communicating and expressing themselves through music, far as anyone can remember. I know of no one that doesn’t listen to it (Really? Who doesn’t?!).

For me personally, there isn’t a day that I do not have my earphones on, and I really try hard not to kill my hearing by the way, although there are certain songs that you just have to let that bass flow a little louder (Lord forbid my recording studio professor, who  dedicated one day of class to talk about hearing protection, read that). I can never say no to Miller, Clarke, Wooten or White 😉

Music carries people away, some more than others.  Sometimes my ability to get “into” a song can be hilariously embarrassing. At the library, while studying (ok, maybe half-heartedly), I sometimes (0k, always, geez) tap my fingers to an imaginary piano, mouthing the words, bobbing my head, etc. I move my pencil to an imaginary drum (sometimes an orchestra), I move to the beat, I feel the beat, I am the beat. I close my eyes, while doing all of the above, when suddenly, the song stops and I open my eyes. Oh shiitake mushrooms, I think, I’m in the library, tone it the freak down! The girl in front of me giving me weird looks helps, trust me.

In case you were wondering: “What song (in this instance) made you passionate enough to pull those sick moves off?!”, it was “Rich Girls” by The Virgins, oh yeah. My music library is pretty diverse by the way  (like most of you, I assume). This just inspired my possible next post! *congratulates herself*

Everyone has a song that they secretly coin their “happy song”, a song that can instantly be that non-alcoholic pick-me-up. Mine is “Sofa Song” by The Kooks, love these guys by the way.  If my life was a movie, this would be playing as the camera zooms out from me slowly and moves towards the sky,  as I  walk down the sidewalk with my back facing the camera, probably wearing a leather jacket. Cliché, I know.

People ask: “What would the world be without music?”.  I say: “Na, na, na!!! I can’t hear you!!!” (no, not literally professor, all good hear).



3 thoughts on “The Power Of Music and the Kooky Things It Does to Me.

  1. I let music take me away sometimes to. Who cares who is listening, im sure if that girl was listening to music in the library like you, she would find herself at some point wanting to burst out into song, or play an imaginary instrument. I do it all the time, and i dont really know how to play any instrument.

    Working on the piano…but im impatient.

    • I play instruments, but still look like a fool playing my air guitar:) I highly recommend taking the time to learn piano, it is so rewarding, you will experience music like never before.

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