Support+Will Power=H/WYWFBC

So I was just going strong with my H/WYWFBC (A half/whole year without Facebook challenge), but I think I fell back on it. By the way, now that I think about it, that abbreviation was useless.

So like I said, the only exception to this rule would be to use it to promote my blog, and something was up with my direct Facebook update tool that WordPress has right here, so I manually went in and fixed it.
By “manually” I mean I had to “manually” go to, log in and change a setting, and then temptation hit me! Ms. Cathy Andrews Hillman would probably sum it up to a really prolonged “AACK!”.

I fixed it, but not before replying to TONS of mail *sigh*. I also wished my friend a happy 21st birthday, and changed my picture, which I considered and was pretty outdated, because usually I never like posting pictures that directly reveal my face, and as long as I was posting, I figured, why be mysterious? Although it’ll probably be awhile before I do this on WordPress.

Anyways…the point is this means I took a step back. I felt so hypocritical, and I guess I should just get over myself. I will still continue the challenge…and hopefully with some help, succeed.

Here I go!

Till next time,


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