Thought of Day/Week #2

So watched this today, I love soccer, but sometimes, it’s too much…

At first glance it looks like Chile’s  Bryan Carrasco gets slapped big time by his opponent, but slo-mo paints a different picture. It’s just one of the most desperate soccer dives I’ve ever seen, but on the other hand, kind of funny. According to Sounders FC blog , “Carrasco earned a free kick, so good for him. Chile lost”.

Now, I won’t get in to the whole football/futbol argument. It’s just a funny moment in human desperation, and listen as the commentators call it a “Tres Chiflados (Three Stooges)” moment.

To quote them even further, “Por favor”!


2 thoughts on “Thought of Day/Week #2

    • Yeah, I heard about that too, people seemed very exited and I watched some of his skills play out in the FIFA last year. I think it’s nice to know soccer, but enjoying it is all that counts! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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