A Year Without Facebook

Hi everyone!

About a week ago I decided to take a “vacation” from Faceboook, the social networking site.

I decided that it would last about six months (fingers crossed), and that if anything, the only reason it would be used for is to promote my blog. I am asking someone else to do this for me, of course, and I will use the WordPress tool as well. Social Networking does have  a great marketing advantage, I won’t deny.

Sure, I hate to admit it, but I do like to see how everyone’s doing every now and then. It just got to the point where, it got devastatingly distracting (one reason may be: threads, man!).  It saddened me that I didn’t really care for what my friends where posting most of the time, usually whenever someone posted self-absorbing statuses. Those Farmville requests didn’t make things better either.  Even still, I would go on it, not just to reply to a message, but just to go on it.  One thing that I noticed, is that I was becoming more absorbed myself,  it felt systematic, (log on,e-mail, Facebook) luckily I didn’t become addicted, I wonder how that would’ve turned out.

I’m not ignorant and know that the way people use Facebook will not change, and what they do on it is their own business. I like to keep in touch, but sometimes, I need time away. Like most people, whenever they have exposure to something long enough. I will do it half a year, if I’m lucky, a whole entire year (be realistic folks you can’t do it that much longer).

And isn’t blogging self-absorbing content all on it’s own? It depends, really. There are some blogs that I’ve come upon on (not naming any here) and they have literary been oozing with narcissism.  It’s the internet people. The half/whole year without Facebook challenge is just something that I will do for me, to disconnect, and be more deeply aware about myself and interests. As opposed to me posting a new status saying what I had for lunch or what one friend threw up for lunch  (eew, by the way). I personally know I will occasionally post something stupid and that’s okay.

I’m just giving it up, for blogging, to build and extend my abilities as a writer. Just a little time away, and now that concludes my justification.

So this is my challenge to you, the reader: How long can you go without Facebook? A week, month(s),year? What will you do with your newly acquired time?

Good Luck :)!


2 thoughts on “A Year Without Facebook

  1. Hello.Nice to meet you.I came from ClassyRose’s site.
    I used Facebook. But I got old fast.Because my Japanese friends seldom use Facebook and know the good method to use well.
    I enjoy blogging and twitter a little.

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