Desire to release, renew.

No, I’m not talking about your IP configuration here.

I am talking about, the tension. Yes, The Tension. Which I am pretty sure happens to everyone at least once a day. Tension leads to stress, and is that such a bad thing? Only if we dwell on it. Please, don’t start calling me Captain Obvious yet.

How often do we realize this?

It’s not the last straw yet.

For anyone looking to try something that relieves tension, here’s one suggestion that may work.

Whenever someone tells us to take a deep breath, take it. Yell it out, throw your arms out in the air, lay on the ground (grass would be better), and close your eyes, and inhale, and finally exhale.

Get up and hoot, and walk away while looking at the sky for awhile.

You knocked that one out of the park. One down, whatever to go.


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