List of Your Life…

So I started writing something on my “Notebook of Ideas” about several months ago. I called it the “list of my life”, which basically has all  the things I want to do before I hit 3o. It’s like a bucket list, but the deadline is much sooner. I wonder, that if this is a good idea, setting a due date for my aspirations. I’m not sure if half of these things can get accomplished, let alone all.  But I like lists, and it’s nice to finally see an idea of what I want in my life, seeing as I am a very indecisive person.

What kids of “list of life” would anyone make if they had 10 years to do them by? It will surely vary by age and their own sense of accomplishing things.  Will it really matter? I think a lot of people that have already started or considered their life set, might have put their ‘list’ off, hopefully just on hold.

Maybe people like that and indecisive individuals like me need to put a few minutes aside and make this list from 1-20. Or, as much ink as their pen will give them.  Maybe a limit might be necessary in order to give it some careful thought to see what goes in that list.

Something you really wanted.

When you write it you may want to put in what particular feeling you want to feel while doing a particular action, that may even narrow the list down even more.  It may include of a lot of ambitions you may had as a child, things were a lot simpler then.

What I think the purpose of this list is not only the feeling you get when you get to finishing it, but it’s the things that show who you really are, or your ability to think big and simple at the same time. The list of your life may motivate you to actually try some of these things, and may put that wistful smile back on your face…

Here are 5 of my 20:

  1. Go sailing (feel like the beginning of something has begun).
  2. Get a poem or book published (feel like I accomplished to get acknowledged).
  3. Stop using words such as ‘hecka’ and ‘like’ in my vocabulary (I want to feel self-annoyed free).
  4. Try to actually get to the  acting auditions I signed up for and try out (to find out if I actually would’ve made it, get it out of my chest).
  5. Start AND keep a blog for a year even if no one reads it (Read Blogging Blokes)

Simple stuff huh? That’s just the some of what I’ve written, we all start small.

Stop reading mine! Go and write your own!  🙂


3 thoughts on “List of Your Life…

  1. No worries 🙂
    In response to your other comment:
    I agree, it is challenging, but it’s a very neat thing to be able to accomplish…let’s do it for the heck of it!
    Here’s shouting back at you (although I couldn’t find your blog)!!

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