A warm blanket.


The cold is here…which means we’re all reaching over for that blanket. It feels nice to be warm, to be shielded with that relief and comfort.

A warm blanket feeling can also be created around a loved one: hugs are a great example. Sometimes just being around your favorite people elicits this feeling.

I realized this feeling did not have to occur by physically being around others, or a blanket even.

Having warm, fuzzy thoughts can create that blanket for you. Pondering about the wonders in your daily life, counting your blessings, reminiscing about an awesome day, thinking about that special someone, realizing how many adventures you have yet to go on, pink donuts, etc.  

I wrote this entry channeling that same fuzzy, yummy, warm feeling.

I am 50% sure your face glows obtaining this feeling, so yeah, feel beautiful guys 😊


A mind speaks w…

A mind speaks with what words could not express…

If I opened my mind to a simple stranger, they would find things for I have not yet fully achieved the art of a blank mind…

*Love, so much love flowing from my heart to someone else’s.

*A faint low plucking of a classical guitar… Am, G, C…

*The dark, dark sky and the stars illuminating it so harmoniously.

*Swimming in gold dust.

*Worries, so many worries as us humans cannot help.

* A gentle breeze to take those worries away.

* Jumping on fluffy clouds and jumping off like nothing.

*Then landing in the ocean and having a conversation with fish.

* Appreciating how great I feel at this very moment, and hoping there are many, many more to come.

So person reading this, love today. 🙂

early morning mind bursts. 

The Heart Tuner.

Hello world, people, imaginary friends out there.

I am not unique…I know the rest of the universe has problems, and how ever much mine cause me sorrow– hold on, let’s see I found this tuner on the floor, give me a second.



So anyways, I’m gonna use this tuner for my heart.
It’s very, very out of tune out of a couple of things…

For example:

°Playing music with closed eyes
°Forming constellations
°Playing my bass and keyboard. (AT THE SAME TIME?!) (But there can only be one?!) (What am I even saying??)
°Making music
°Occasional drinking for a laugh
°Writing letters
°Dancing in public
°Hiding my face in books, as opposed to y’know, under my covers.
°Hide and seek!
°Writing stories
°Making comics
°Tapping my feet to the music in my head

Da da da da dum la laaaaaa!

Um yeah. Not sure what that was about.

This is clearly more than a couple, nor the entire list, but I’m getting there….slowly.


Stay silly, my friends.

Later :]